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Industry Experts have been saying that we are headed into a IoT nightmare as far as security is concerned. It is good to have things connected, but security shouldn’t take a backseat to functionality. We fill in the important gap of evaluating, securing, and certifying a secure IoT system for you and your customers.


Value to You


IoT, Cyber and Embedded device security have become very important with major incidents happening ever so often and uncounted number of smaller incidents around the globe everyday. The reason behind those incidents are largely due to not much emphasis on security by the development centers themselves. The products and solutions need, at least, a level of security defined, implemented and endorsed before they are deployed. If proper emphasis was laid during development, with checklists and protocols a level of security can be provided to the customers. Proper procedures should also be put in place for updates, patches and maintenance during the entire life of the product and service.


Since, many of the current vendors aren’t following any aspect of security in their products and services, any level of security offered — with proper diligence and security certification — to the security aware customer, your product and service can have a competitive edge in the market. Despite that it would be the right thing to do in providing the highest security possible to the customer because they depend on our product; after all we as a consumer wouldn’t want to buy a product for our own needs if it has not been properly designed, developed and tested with security in mind.


We list some of the loses we face due to security vulnerabilities. Remember that there are real consequences to our businesses when these vulnerabilities are exploited by bedroom hackers, professional criminals or state-sponsored hackers.

Our customers and consumers may face anywhere from inconvenience and irritation and infringement of privacy to loss of life, money, time, property, health, relationships, etc.


Also, there are others who depend on our products and services, our vendors, operators and suppliers. When a security hole happens they and us face some severe consequences. They may include: Loss of trust, damage to reputation, compromised intellectual property, financial loss and/or persecution.


But the overwhelming factor is providing the best product and service we can provide; in the process if we outwit our competition and gain a competitive edge in the market, it would be even better.  Whatever our motivation, we cannot ignore this important aspect that people who depend on us expect.


Services & Solutions

Aggi helps to augment and improve our clients’ products and development processes in the important area of Security. It can help in all phases of a development life cycle, including after deployment. This helps save a lot of time, effort and money when a product is deemed insecure or has a cyber attack happen.

Service Level Agreements for Security (Sec-SLAs) are just as critical for a product or a service as is trying to prevent from attacks
happening. We address the difficulties faced during the security
metrics definition process and the Sec-SLA monitoring, as well as in an
analysis of the Sec-SLA role in new paradigms like cloud computing.

Additional Services we provide:
  • Mobile, Web and Cloud Solutions
  • Big Data Solutions
  • Embedded System Solutions
  • Wireless and Multimedia Solutions
  • Internet of Things (IoT) – Sensor Integration Solutions
  • All-wireless Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

About Us

Building Internet of Trust


Aggi Technologies LLC was founded in 2008 as a research and innovation company. Our founder and employees have been in the industry for decades before the founding, researching on issues related to Distributed Computing (later on called Cloud Computing), Micro-controller boards (later on called Embedded Computing) and Telecommunications much before the ubiquity of wireless and cellular technologies.


Security related to both Software and Communications have been a long-time focus of our group. Security involves not just the whole gamut of Software, Hardware, and Communication technologies but also the development and business processes used to build and operate systems.


Aggi Technologies LLC is proud of its background of innovation. And its position as a leader in the innovative technologies. It drives the change as a participant rather a spectator. In doing so it believes that the new technologies will transform the world into a safe, secure environment for us all; a secure world with limitless possibilities.


IoT Security Issues are the primary focus of Aggi Technologies LLC: Consulting services, Technology Evaluation and Reevaluation, Certification and Developing Secure IoT equipment — for a world of ‘Internet of Secure Things.’



Our Commitment & Involvement

Proud and active FOUNDER MEMBER of IoTSF


The Internet of Things (IoT) increasingly appears to be the next great technology revolution. It is expected to affect everything from healthcare delivery, to how food is produced, to how we work, to all forms of transportation and communication, and to virtually all forms of automation. With that said, the IoT will impact everyone, and in multiple ways. With a technology revolution with such a large impact on society, it is imperative that IoT-based systems can be trusted. This means that they should exhibit secure, reliable, and private behaviours, as well as many other attributes associated with quality.


Internet of Things Security Foundation (IoTSF) was set-up to bring professional responsibility to the commitment of security involving IoT. With the exponential growth of IoT deployments the security related issues have become even more critical. We see that companies are more concentrated on the features and abilities of their products rather than the misuse and breaking of their systems. Such compromises in their systems will cause loses for both the companies and customers. In the way of inconvenience, loss of privacy, money and time for the customers while the companies stand to lose millions of dollars in loss of business, prosecution and company reputation. It is high time the companies with IoT products realize that security in the IoT space is just as important, if not more, than computer and physical security. We are here to help who care for the security of their products.


Aggi Technologies L.L.C. is proud to be a ‘founder member’ of IoTSF. Together we plan to bring commitment, innovation and professionalism to this critical area of security for the IoT technologies.


The goals of IoTSF is the mission we have of making it safer to connect by promoting security excellence. IoTSF was formed in recognition of the security threats that exit today and also the emerging challenges that lie ahead as use cases evolve.


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